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Rights and Terms of Use for Data

The terms and conditions for distributing and using LHD data products are summarized below. These guidelines govern the production and distribution of scientific data sets by the LHD project and the use of the LHD data by the science community and the general public. Please note that these guidelines are subject to change without notice.

  • Within six months of the LHD experiment, the LHD instrument personnel will generate definitive, scientifically valuable data products and provide them to the LHD Experiment Data Repository.
  • Users should not use the data products for scientific analysis or publication without the express consent of the LHD instrument personnel and the relevant investigators.
  1. LHD experiment data products are open to all scientists and the public (Users).
  2. No proprietary periods are associated with any LHD Experiment Data Repository data products.
  3. Users shall submit a proposal for LHD data analysis at an early stage of the analysis project and contact the LHD instrument personnel and the relevant investigators to consult on the appropriate use of instrument data or model results.
  4. Users who wish to publish results derived from LHD data should directly involve the LHD instrument personnel and the appropriate relevant investigators in the analysis and are encouraged to offer co-authorship. Co-authorship may be declined.
  5. Users should heed the caveats of investigators as to the interpretation and limitations of data or model results. All important caveats should be included in the publication, even if co-authorship is declined. Data and shot numbers should also be specified.
  6. Users should acknowledge the sources of data used in all publications, presentations, and reports. Appropriate acknowledgment should be given to institutions, personnel, and funding agencies. In accordance with the guidelines and/or recommendations from the journals, the following statements should be included in the Data Availability Statement or the Acknowledgment section, "The data supporting the findings of this study are available in the LHD experiment data repository at https://doi.org/10.57451/lhd.analyzed-data.
  7. Users should provide the LHD instrument personnel and the relevant investigators a copy of each presentation material and manuscript that uses LHD experiment data upon presentation of your results for the conference and submission of that manuscript for consideration of publication. The citation should be transmitted to the appropriate investigators and other data providers upon publication.
  8. Users should distribute their conference abstracts, presentations, and publications widely to interested parties through the dedicated web system, NAIS (NIFS Article Information Server: https://nais.nifs.ac.jp/article/center). The contents of the presentation or manuscript should be introduced in the LHD user forum for the LHD user group or a relevant meeting, and comments from the LHD user group should be sought. The manuscript should be submitted after considering the internal review by the LHD user group members.
  9. Users might make tools of general utility and/or value-added data products widely available to the community. They should notify the LHD user group of such utilities or products, clearly labeling the product as different from an original data product.