LHD experiment data repository

Data access

Large Helical Device (LHD) experimental data is made available through the LHD data repository at the National Institute for Fusion Science (NIFS), National Institutes of Natural Sciences (NINS), Japan.
To ensure that LHD data is used effectively and accurately by the community, we encourage everyone to to contact project and individual scientists to collaborate.

Please read Data Rights and Rules before you access to the data or software in this repository site. For direct access to single files, the data is available here. Files within may be downloaded and saved locally via the web browser. The description of single file and contact person is found here.


Primary contacts for the LHD project and topical group (TG) are listed below. For information and contacts for a particular instrument or analyzed data, see the contact person in the description above.

LHD Project Contact

E-mail: LHD-repository@nifs.ac.jp
LHD Executive Director
  Dr. Katsumi Ida
1. Multi-ion plasma TG
  Dr. Naoki TAMURA and Dr. Masahiro KOBAYASHI
2. Turbulence TG
  Dr. Tokihiko TOKUZAWA
3. Spectroscopy TG
  Dr. Motoshi GOTO
4. Instability TG
  Dr. Yasuhiro SUZUKI and Dr. Kenichi NAGAOKA